Norcineria Fratelli Trabalza (pork butchery)

The story of Norcineria Trabalza

Norcineria Trabalza was created in 1994 when two siblings, Guglielmo and Danilo, decided to renovate an ancient butchery in Bastia Umbra.

Guglielmo manages the meat retail with passion and enthusiasm, which is accurately selected to provide safety, authenticity, and transparency, and above all old style flavours that have been forgotten.

Danilo manages the pork meat processing. His passion for this work led him to open a cured meat factory in 2010, where he spends the whole day.

Our Products

Accurately selected pork meat is processed in a simple way to provide genuine products, and flavours and aromas that are the same as when salami was cured at home.


All our products are lactose-free and gluten-free. We use natural aromas, like fresh garlic, crushed and peeled one at a time, salt, pepper, no preservatives or any types of flours, but mainly time, love and passion.

Our News

5 November 2020

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